FEDERATION OF AFRICAN MEDICAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATIONS (FEDERATION DES ASSOCIATION DES ETUDIANTS EN MEDICINE) abbreviated as FAMSA is the official single body for all African medical students.                                                                  logo

We, the medical students of Africa, in recognition of the need to play a significant role in improvement of the health of Africans and the problems of African society; so far they fall within the purview of medicine and we realize that we have the capacity to make a significant contribution and difference. Therefore our aims are;

  • To project the image of the African Medical Students both on the continental and international scene.
  • To enhance and broaden the general and special education of member medical students to contribute to the improvement of medical education in Africa.
  • To establish contact with and among every Medical Students Association (MSA) in Africa on purely professional matters.
  • To promote exchange of international correspondences, publication of news of medical interest through journals and the organization of professional exchange of medical students between various countries.
  • To generate initiative in population and health surveys as well as in bio-medical research among African medical students and to collate and disseminate original findings on all matters pertaining to health in Africa.
  • To encourage and assist member associations in fulfilling the essence of this education, which is to contribute towards the improvement of health in Africa by rendering help in all projects where medical students can be of assistance

FAMSA is structured into 5 standing committee, which are

  • Standing Committee on Health and Environment (SCOHE)
  • Standing Committee on Medical Education and Research (SCOMER)
  • Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE)
  • Standing Committee on Population Activity (SCOPA)
  • Standing Committee on Publications (SCOPUB)

Year in, year out FAMSA elects and appoints her executives and representatives all over the continent for each administrative year. And this year, not any different, at the 30th FAMSA General Assembly hosted in the University of Buea, Cameroon; FAMSA elected her new set of executives for the 2016/2017 administration. Also FAMSA Officers are appointed as representatives per school (MSA – Medical Student Association) for each country in the whole Africa.

Our scope of activities for the year includes our General assembly, Students International Clinic conference (SICC), medical and research electives, FAMSA Health Educative Schools, SCOME, SCOPA and SCOHE seminars and programmes.

To know your schools’ status in FAMSA, visit… (Link to the list of medical schools registered under FAMSA)

To know your executives better, for more information and to contact them, visit… (Link to FAMSA EXECUTIVE COUNCIL 2016)

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Recent Updates

Recent updates on past and upcoming FAMSA activities .

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